Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thank You To Everyone:

I would just like to send a huge thank you out to some individuals who helped me make the most of my Hockey broadcasting season. Moving to Fort St. John in September, I was expecting to call close to 40 games, and ended up calling just 8 for the radio. I was given several opportunities by some folks that I will never be able to repay, including....

-Ron Gallo
Thank you for contacting me in November and helping me get my first BCHL broadcasts under my belt. The support you, along with the entire Spruce Kings organization, gave me will never be forgotten and I will forever be grateful for the chance you gave me to get my foot in the door.

-Scott Campbell
Scott brought me on to his broadcast in Vernon with Salmon Arm, despite never meeting face to face, and we instantly built a friendship I hope that will have a long tenure as rivals and colleagues(of sort). The privilege of working with Scott was very memorable as he allowed me to call a goal in the rink I grew up watching games in.

-Alex Rawnsley
Right from the Summer of 2011 Alex and I have been in contact, pushing each other and supporting each other! I was very lucky to join Alex last weekend in Powell River for a much anticipated co-broadcast, in which I provided color for him and he provided color for me. Alex deserves utmost respect and working with him was a great memory I will forever cherish.

-Kent Lewis
As the GM of the Powell River Kings, last summer Kent & I were in contact several times, and under those circumstances, it ended on a low note, but Kent made sure I was aware of several positives to do with myself and my potential career. I have to thank Kent for making sure I continued to pursue broadcasting and without his reassurance, I am unsure I would be in this position today.

-Rob Abramenko
From the day I landed my rookie gig with the Sicamous Eagles, Rob has acted as a bit of a mentor for me. Growing up listening to him and Todd Miller call Vernon Viper games, I credit my broadcast style to them both. Rob has provided me with endless advice and constructive criticism, and his efforts to help me be the best I can be will never be forgotten.

-Adam Reaburn & Brad Russell
As my management team at Moose FM, these two deserve a huge pat on the back for really pulling things together for the 2012 Savage Cup. I couldn't have made the trip without their support and I will be forever thankful to the entire ownership team at Moose FM for giving me this glorious opportunity. I look forward to working with Moose FM through the Summer of 2012 and in to the next Hockey season!

-My Family and Friends
These are the most important people in my life and receiving the support they provided will be the backbone of my career until the day I call it quits. Thank you so much and I can't wait to see where your support takes me in coming years!

One more time, thank you to everyone who helped this season exciting despite a few setbacks. I would also like to thank the Salmon Arm Silverbacks, Prince George Spruce Kings, Powell River Kings and Vernon Vipers, along with everyone involved with these teams; for their support.

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