Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hawks Season Wraps Up This Week:

The Nipawin Hawks will be holding their Awards Banquet and Ceremony on Thursday night at the Evergreen Center, with it being the final chance to say farewell to the players who are still around as well as the coaches, myself, and the rest of the fan core.

The Melfort Mustangs, on the other hand, wrapped things up with their Awards last week and I thank everyone who came out all season long and supported the 'Stangs on their shortened(or lengthened?) quest for a Canalta Cup. They underachieved the opening half of the year and now moving forward, that organization is in great shape and coach Gavin Holcomb will work magic for years to come.

I am still a bit behind as far as getting the whole season-wrap up done, but decided I will wait until after the Awards are handed out, then I can fill everyone in on extra stuff without posting my way off your Favorites list!

Thursday night, at the Evergreen Center, see you there!

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