Friday, April 5, 2013

So Long Saskatchewan; Another Adventure Begins:

 When I moved here in August of 2012, I had hoped that that magic number would be two, that I would spend a couple season's in the SJHL and then move on to be closer to the league closer to my home of Vernon, the BCHL.

But, as life is supposed to go, things come at you unexpected. A couple weeks ago, I was offered an incredible opportunity with an incredible group of people in Leduc, Alberta, the same City in which I graduated high school from. Beginning on April 14th, I will be bringing all of Leduc County's news and sports to the air alongside a great team that features Dave Rolfson, Sean Burke and Mike McGuire, three names I listened to daily during high school.

As far as play by play goes, we will see where the future takes me. I have committed myself to taking things day by day, and week by week on occasion! I plan on building a large rapport with the Communities surrounding Leduc, and that is all I am focused on, oh and absorbing as much as I can like a sponge. The great opportunity I have at 93.1 The One FM in Leduc will allow me to learn so much, and we will be launching the on-air product on April 14th at 9:31 AM! It will be such a great station featuring the Country music the listener's want to hear, and the news and sports they need to know. I hope that everyone will give us a listen :)

Now on to the special thanks... I owe a huge thanks to all of the Melfort Mustangs and Nipawin Hawks
fans, volunteers, players, coaches and executive. The passion that is poured in to these Organizations is so great, it is evident the moment you walk in the home arena doors. The Palace began to see the crowds it desired towards the end of the year, and with the direction Gavin Holcomb is steering the team, the crowd sizes will begin to match the point totals in terms of increases. There is much of the same to say about the Cage, although it was fairly full on a consistent basis. From what I have heard, since Doug Johnson's arrival, the fans are realizing once again how lucky they are to have the Hawks call Nipawin home.

I mention those two coaches, and I owe them a big thanks as well. Their support and patience all season was very appreciated and I hope that the next broadcaster in my place learns just as much from these two potential filled coaches. I want to also add a thanks to Tyson Hobbins, Brian Kahlbenn, Shawn Mason and Dwight 'Spearsy' Kulchyski. Those are 4 of the best men I have had the privilege of working with, and like Doug and Gavin are filled with potential should they decide to pursue further hockey opportunities at any point!

The staff at CJVR and CK750 are another big reason I am moving up as quickly as I am. They treated me so well all year long and to have their support through everything was great. I have made many memories in the office at Fabmar Communications and I hope that those memories are exchanged again someday. Every one of the people who work there have the ability to help someone achieve something big that they have always dreamed of doing, and I hope that everything there also takes the time to achieve their highest dreams and hopes as well!

The new station is 93.1 The One FM, and we are available with a brand new iPhone APP available on the app store, as well on TuneIn Radio, and online at! Don't forget to continue to keep my blog on your favorites as I will keep it up to date with Capital City Sports Happenings, for example.....

Leduc Junior Athletic Club product Preston Eshenko enjoyed his first season of Junior A with the Melfort Mustangs, and there's a good chance that I will chat some hockey with 'Shenks in the coming weeks!

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