Thursday, May 8, 2014

Nicola Valley Memorial Arena To Add Hanging Clock:

The time has come for a new clock at the Nicola Valley Memorial Arena — thanks to funding from Westcan Auto Parts, the City of Merritt and Tourism Nicola Valley.

 “We think it’s going to be a tremendous asset to a city-owned facility,” City of Merritt leisure services manager Larry Plotnikoff said. “We thought that would be great to have. It’s going to be a really good asset for all the user groups in the arena,” he said.

 Plotnikoff said the city put forward $25,000 for a new clock and issued a challenge to the Centennials hockey club to raise the other $25,000 in order to finance a hanging clock.

 The Cents heard the challenge and Westcan and Tourism Nicola Valley answered, he said. “We’re a fairly community-oriented company,” Westcan owner Ron Jhaj said.

“We do this at all the places we have stores. It’s one of those things that’s a good thing for the community.”

Jhaj, who lives in Kamloops but recently opened the Westcan store in Merritt, said he came to a Cents game last year and has heard about the need for a new clock at from the club.

Centennials president Jerry Canuel said the hanging clock will raise the profile of the arena even higher, and the club is excited to see the investment become a reality.

 The hanging clock is expected to go up over centre ice in about 10 weeks.

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