Friday, May 23, 2014

One Final Thank You; RBC Cup To Never Forget:

After 8 days of excitement, the volunteers, organizers, players, and every one of the hundreds involved with the 2014 RBC Cup finally have had a chance to sit back and reflect on the event that was. Also, a nice slideshow at the bottom to finish things off.

For myself, and I'm sure many others, this event will go down as a special memory to tell stories of for years to come. I want to take one last chance to thank everyone that made the RBC Cup such a great time.

Betty Klepp, Don Klepp, Duncan Wray, Mike Lane and Todd Miller were five faces you probably saw the most of around Kal Tire Place over the span of the event, and then some. These five were instrumental in making sure every went smoothly and each volunteer had a direction and a smile on their face. From the top to the bottom, without these people the RBC Cup would not have happened. I pass a special thanks to Todd for presenting me with the opportunity to be in touch with the event in the way that I was.

Keegan Goodrich, Ryan Robins, Derek Amalfa, Jason La Rose, and the Hockey Canada staff were busy at work for almost every second of the tournament, and the work that goes in from their end is much more significant than I ever imagined. Seeing these people constantly on the go yet remaining humble and giving everyone the time of day for a conversation was something everyone enjoyed. A special thanks to Keegan for putting me in a position where I could interact with everyone involved in the tournament while helping to provide scouts and media with access to lineups and coaches.

Rob Abramenko, Phil Hughes, Graham Turnbull, Jolene Chernoff, Kelsey Surowiec, Kyle Anderson and Jen Bailey deserve a round of applause for keeping fans entertained through the week, whether it be at the arena or over the airwaves. Everyone did such a great job of everything they were assigned and I'm sure these folks will continue to be one of the best off-ice teams in the league for years to come.

And, just like that, it's over. To anyone I missed, I'm sorry for not getting your name out there but you are a huge piece of the giant puzzle that in the end wasn't missing a single piece! Here's looking forward to the 2014/15 BCHL season, as the Merritt Centennials look to continue their year-by-year improvement with Luke Pierce and Joe Martin at the realm!

See you at the rink!

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