Friday, September 19, 2014

Centennials Release 2014/15 Roster:

Introducing the 2014/15 Merritt Centennials!

D- Tyrell Buckley – Penticton, BC
Last Season – OHA, CSSHL
GP: 53
G: 8
A: 23
P: 31
PIM: 4
Buckley was the first blueliner to commit to this years team, and his movement on the ice has shown what made Luke Pierce and Joe Martin recruit him so quickly. He can play quick north-south Hockey, and as he adapts and grows his game he will become a player to watch closely here in the Merritt and around the BCHL.

D- Jake Clifford – Brecksville, Ohio
Last Season – Merritt Centennials, BCHL
GP: 53
G: 4
A: 14
P: 18
PIM: 35
Jake is the epitome of a player you don’t want to come in one-on-one against. Being laid flat on your rear isn’t often regarded as fun, but it’s what Jake can do, right before he weaves through everyone on route from one net to the other. He’s all business, and looks to improve every day, and it has shown. Big season to come, don’t be surprised if it’s his last year of Junior.

F- Diego Cuglietta – Kamloops, BC
Last Season – Merritt Centennials, BCHL
GP: 53
G: 19
A: 37
P: 56
PIM: 28
The biggest inevitability of the 2014/15 season is that fans will once again return to love ‘Super Diego’. He’s ready to once again be a leader, and with such a tight knit group around him, he’s sure to make players on the ice with him better. Here’s a guy who has something to prove, after he became the victim of separate injuries last season; now healthy and ready to put the new scoreboard to good use.

F- Brandon Duhaime – Parkland, Florida
Last Season – POE, CSSHL
GP: 64
G: 23
A: 39
P: 62
PIM: 77
Coming in as one of the top summer recruits, Duhaime brings a speedy game along the walls and toward the net. He’s got a quick release, and isn’t afraid to go hunting for the puck. His vision of the ice will help in his rookie season, but the adjustment period should be short for the former POE star.

F- Michael Ederer – Lancaster, New York
Last Season – Buffalo Jr. Sabres, NOJHL
GP: 53
G: 30
A: 23
P: 53
PIM: 20
A big season in the OJHL putting up incredible numbers brings Ederer to BCHL with high expectations, but through camp he has proven he can live up to his style of play. Great hands in tight spots, and knows how to play below the goal line, something the net front present players will appreciate. The puck moves especially fast whether it’s on or leaving his stick.

F-  Nick Fidanza – Kamloops, BC
Last Season – Chase Heat, KIJHL
GP: 47
G: 21
A: 27
P: 48

PIM: 66
Nick has been a player that continues to make the most of every opportunity he has earned through camp and exhibition. Getting some BCHL experience last season(and the season prior) is an asset for this speedster of a lefty, and his first Junior A goal came against the team he now looks to make his mark on. He scored the lone goal in the exhibition finale, and if he continues to bury his chances he will climb up the depth chart in a hurry.

D- Matt Foley – Lang Meadow, Massachusetts
Last Season – Exeter Academy/Springfield Rifles U18
GP: 28
G: 5
A: 15
P: 20
PIM: 4
Another incoming import, another new face that has became attached to the Nicola Valley. And so the Valley will become attached to Matt as well, as his quick moving game takes him to unpredictable places, while quickly returning to his seat on the blue line when the time calls for it. It can be hard to foresee how a rookie blueliners season will end,  but Matt has shown he’s ready to play in all situations and play big minutes.

F-  Braden Fuller – Grande Prairie, Alberta
Last Season – Beaver Valley Nitehawks, KIJHL
GP: 33
G: 17
A: 24
P: 41
PIM: 96
Winning a KIJHL championship in the spring will give the locker room a bit of that late-playoff experience, though it was at the Junior A level. Given he was playing with Junior A players, Fuller’s playoff ride will surely have helped his game adjust to the quicker speed of the BCHL that much sooner, and it’s been evident as he has contributed in both ends of the rink and shown a team first mentality. Though not the biggest, he enjoys throwing his weight around before looking to set up a crafty play.

F- Gavin Gould – North Vancouver, BC
Last Season – Merritt Centennials, BCHL
GP: 57
G: 13
A: 16
P: 29
PIM: 18
Watching Gavin play in exhibition it was clear of a few things; the same ‘plays bigger than he is’ Gould is back,  except this years seems to look bigger, stronger, and even more willing to come out of the battles with the puck. By the time the d-men find him, it’s usually too late.

F- Colin Grannary – Delta, BC
Last Season – Delta Hockey Academy - CSSHL
GP: 27
G: 25
A: 27
P: 52
PIM: 59
In watching training camp without a clue who the returning players were, you would quickly have come to assume Grannary was one of them. He plays at a high level and as he’ll turn 17 just before the home opening weekend, that comes as a decent surprise to fans of the team. He put up a point per game in nearly a handful of Junior B affiliate games, and his quickness and poise in the offensive zone is going to bring you to your feet.

G- Jonah Imoo – Surrey, BC
Last Season – Powell River Kings, BCHL
GP: 32
GAA: 2.98
Sv%: .896
He’s played his entire BCHL career in Powell River, and it came time for a change this summer when Luke Pierce swung a deal for the 20 year old netminder with a family bloodline flowing through the net and crease. He’s shown how excited he is for this opportunity, and how hard he has worked this summer has shown, with some great sliding saves, showing his movement in on par or better for early season hockey.

F- Sam Johnson – Okotoks, Alberta
Last Season – Merritt Centennials, BCHL
GP: 56
G: 9
A: 10
P: 19
A summer of hard training and with a captaincy-to-be, Sam is ready to push his limits in his final season of Junior Hockey. Known for scoring big goals in timely manner, Sam is eager to succeed and knows what it takes to take this team to where it hasn’t been in over 10 years.

D- Malik Kaila – Squamish, BC
Last Season – Merritt Centennials, BCHL
Malik returns to the Centennial having put on over 20 pounds of muscle over the summer, looking to increase his presence on the blue-line in both ends of the rink. After going goalless last season, getting one in the exhibition opener is sure to bring this towering d-man confidence in a big sophomore season.

F- Daniel Nachbaur – Seattle, Washington
Last Season – Merritt Centennials, BCHL
GP: 35
G: 6
A: 7
P: 13
They could call him the life of the dressing room, or you could call him the life of a game. In any situation, Daniel goes out and brings the intensity and speed up at least 15% around him. He finds an extra gear with the puck, and loves to fire up his team. He’s loud as he is off the ice as he is on, and he’s ready for his play to speak even louder in his 2nd season in Cents colors, in which his dad also once wore #14.

F- James Neil – White Rock, BC
Last Season – Merritt Centennials, BCHL
GP: 41
G: 10
A: 19
P: 29
PIM: 30
He proved last season he was the ‘real deal’, and he’s back for another crack at the Cup along with a former teammate in Jonah Imoo. Putting up big numbers is one thing to look forward to, and his defensive ability is another thing that shows his all-around ability. Much like most of the returning players, it’s worth noting he also got bigger.

F- Devin Oakes – Prince Rupert, BC
Last Season – Merritt Centennials, BCHL
GP: 32
G: 1
A: 6
P: 7
PIM: 40
Devin is a player the entire roster looks to and respects as he is a great teammate off the ice, but even moreso on the ice. When you look at Gretzky, you think Dave Semenko. The game has evolved since then and so has the role, but Devin is an energy enforcer that puts fear in his opponents’ game and also possesses a very strong presence in front of the net, where he is hard to budge from his station.

D- Shane Poulsen – Kamloops, BC
Last Season – Merritt Centennials, BCHL
GP: 58
G: 7
A: 19
P: 26
PIM: 44
Perhaps the biggest surprise to return to the Centennials this year, Shane is back in the hunt for a BCHL title and like Johnson and Cuglietta, will be looked to in a strong leadership role. The thing is, that’s what Poulsen lives for. He is a coaches player and a players player, doing the little things right and not afraid to go for the long bomb pass or the big point shot rocket. Is there much more to say for this 20 year old d-man?

D- Cooper Prechel – Penticton, BC
Last Season – Princeton Posse, KIJHL
GP: 34
G: 2
A: 6
P: 8
PIM: 12
Prechel stood out throughout training camp as one of the players after a very limited amount of roster spots. His ability to make a hard tape to tape pass and play with versatility makes him a player to watch as he begins to play under Joe Martin and Luke Pierce on the Cents’ defense core. Look to him for the breakout pass.

G- Anthony Pupplo – Shirley, New York
Last Season – P.A.L Jr. Islanders – USPHL 18U
GP: 19
GAA: 3.76
Sv %: .898%
After performing very well along with Schiavo at the New York Islanders Prospects Camp, Pupplo knew it was time to head to BC and gear up for the long road ahead. The Centennials are fortunate to have a high potential, high caliber ‘tender to compete with Jonah Imoo, and he seems to work very well with coaching staff, which means mentioning a stint he spent with Cents goalie coach Jamie McCaig in Edmonton this summer; showing his commitment to his game, and importantly this team.

F- John Schiavo - East Patchogue, NY
Last Season – P.A.L Jr. Islanders – USPHL Premier
GP: 42
G: 8
A: 14
P: 22
PIM: 8
Such hands, John has. His work down low and along the boards will help get pucks out of the defensive zone and keep them in the offensive end. Has the ability to make opponents look silly, and he seems to take advantage of the small ice as though roller hockey has helped him adjust long before his time in Merritt. Also brings a great presence to the locker room.

F- Josh Teves – Calgary, Alberta
Last Season – Fernie Ghostriders, KIJHL
GP: 50
G: 10
A: 14
P: 24
PIM: 57
Teves was given the chance to suit up with the Centennials late in the season last year including some playoff action, and looked very good in each of his chances at the next level. He’s got great hands for a back-ender, and has the feet to get up the ice or back in position before putting his team at risk. Yet another d-man on this roster that can move the puck at high speeds.

F- Adam Tracey – Sleepy Hollow, New York
Last Season – Merritt Centennials, BCHL
GP: 49
G: 12
A: 14
P: 26
PIM: 28
Here’s a player fans are looking to for much of the same he brought last season. Always being juggled around with linemates because of unfortunate injuries made getting comfortable tough for Tracey, but in a rookie season it’s important to learn to play all degrees of the game, and settling in to the special teams late in the year is proof of how much he learned. Seems to click with just about anyone on the roster, and has a wicked wrist shot.

F- Rhett Willcox – Surrey, BC
Last Season – Merritt Centennials, BCHL
GP: 41
G: 5
A: 8
P: 13
PIM: 53

The spark plug from last season is back at it again, and with increased size and muscle, not to mention speed, this bull dog will continue to keep eyes on him when he’s on the ice. He’s great in front of the net, and gets the puck out of wherever he sees fit, watch for him to push for more minutes as he gets rolling.

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